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Does blockchain apply to my industry and business objectives?

Take this short quiz to find out whether the blockchain technology can be applied to your organization.

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What’s your industry?

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Process optimization and costs reducing:

Smart contracts can automate business processes and reduce operational costs while eliminating unnecessary intermediaries. Would your business benefit from that?
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Fraud and counterfeiting:

Is your business affected by fraud or counterfeiting? For example counterfeit product materials, fraud documents, etc.
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Removing/optimizing third-party agents:

Does your business depend on agents that are increasing operational costs because of fees and that you’d like to remove or optimize?
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Industry pain points:

Do some industry problems are reflecting negatively on your company as well? If yes, please describe them in a few sentences.
Please describe briefly
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Assets digitalization and tokenization:

Do you believe the digitalization of different assets within your organization or in the solution you provide could benefit you, your customers, or your partners?
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We are open to the usage of innovative technologies for our business

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Fast, secure, and feeless transactions:

Blockchain is optimizing financial transactions by removing the middleman and making transfers fast, secure, and feeless. Would such a solution be beneficial to you?
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Proving authenticity and ownership:

Is your business required (or would benefit) to prove authenticity or ownership of something to its customers or partners? If yes, please explain in a few sentences.
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Data traceability and audibility:

The immutable nature of blockchain makes the traceability of products, materials, or any data record being tracked easier, faster, and cheaper. Would your company benefit from this?
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