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Where blockchain meets human

Infinite X is a privately owned company specializing in Decentralized Technologies. We have built blockchain products and optimized processes for more than 10+ startups and enterprises across a variety of industries including Sustainable Energy, FinTech, Gambling, and Gaming

We are headquartered in the IT Hub of Southeastern Europe - Bulgaria, with a presence in New York & Tel Aviv.

Working closely with our strong global partnership network, we can provide you with the most complete offering in the blockchain industry.

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We make things simple

Many new industries and technologies go through Gartner’s Hype Cycle Curve. We know how to move through the hype and build valuable solutions, thanks to our extensive experience with decentralized technologies like EOSIO, Ethereum & Hyperledger.

We are the connection between this complex technology and your business. We're the place where blockchain meets human.

Why we do it

We believe decentralized technologies will bring a massive shift in our lives, our society, and most importantly our businesses. Just like the Internet did at the beginning of the 00s.

We believe that organizations and entrepreneurs are the driving forces of our society, making our lives better and easier. Only those who innovate and integrate new technology within their business will survive the competitive landscape and ever-changing industries.


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Hunger for Innovation

We value imagination and curiosity in exploring the unknown.

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Infinite Growth

There are no limits to what we can accomplish, but it is only through effort that we can unleash our true potential.

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Shattering the Stereotypes

We are not bound by traditions, we challenge them.

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Acting with Honesty and Courage

We are not afraid to be transparent and to take a stand for our beliefs, even if it is uncomfortable.

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Nurturing Entrepreneurial Spirit

We believe entrepreneurship is not an occupation but a mindset that people can develop.





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