Dapp Blockchain Migration

Our extensive experience in working with different blockchain protocols like Ethererum and EOS helped us develop a process for easier and optimized migration of blockchain applications from one network to another.

And while changing just the smart contracts might feel enough, the truth is different protocols have different specs and needs, and the protocol change can reflect on the business model as well. It may require the model to be further optimized or to be changed completely.

Blockchain Services Details Abstract Image - Infinite X
Blockchain Services Details - Infinite X

The blockchain migration should be managed by a team with deep experience in both protocols as not fully understanding of the technical specs and needs can bring unnecessary complexities to the development.

Read more about migrating an Ethereum project to EOSIO.

Our team has been developing decentralized applications since 2017 and we can help you successfully migrate your dApp. Reach to us to learn how.

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