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We build decentralized solutions that unlock the full potential of your business.
EOSIO (EOS), Ethereum, Hyperledger (IBM Blockchain)

As the name suggests, Decentralized Applications (or dApps), lack centralization. The code is distributed on the blockchain and all the computation happens across a wide network of nodes. No single entity has full control over the platform or process being used. That makes them more secure, autonomous and resilient than traditional applications.

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Unlike centralized applications like Twitter or Facebook, a dApp is resistant to censorship and to any single point of failure. dApps don’t need downtime and are immune to local issues like flooding, fires or planned attacks on centralized servers.

EOSIO (EOS), Ethereum
Public Blockchain Development Service - Infinite X

Public blockchain networks are open source and their data is visible to everyone. This feature gives them one of the biggest advantages of the technology: transparency.

Still, not all data stored should be in a human-readable format. Instead, it can be stored in a centralized database remaining private and only it’s cryptographically encrypted equivalent is stored on the blockchain as a proof. Thanks to their transparency, public blockchains can be used as proof that the original data is valid.

If you need to have a tamper-proof record, avoid the dangers of centralization, or just want to establish trust by making your data visible to partners and clients, public blockchains are the right choice.

Having worked on projects across a variety of industries, we have gained deep knowledge of the two most established and commonly used public blockchain networks: EOS and Ethereum. Our experience has also helped us to establish EOS Bulgaria and ETHBulgaria and lead the blockchain community across the South-Eastern European region.

Infinite X specializes in enterprise blockchain development. We use decentralized technologies to evolve companies by making their processes more optimized, reduce operational costs, and increase profit through innovations.

Enterprise (private) blockchain networks provide an extremely secure ecosystem and ensuring that transaction data is only available to specifically authorized parties.

Private blockchains are currently being used and tested worldwide in many different industries. For instance, Walmart and Starbucks are utilizing the power of this technology to track the authenticity of raw products and to increase customer trust by providing more product data.

Enterprise Blockchain Development Service - Infinite X Enterprise Blockchain Development Service Abstract Pattern - Infinite X
EOSIO, Ethereum, Hyperledger (IBM Blockchain)

Smart contracts have enormous potential for automation - they reduce business costs by removing middlemen and optimizing processes. Once they are implemented, the business logic is enforced within the code and can’t be changed easily which makes it extremely secure and trusted.

Smart contracts are the building blocks of decentralized applications. They hold the business logic and are responsible for the interaction with the blockchain network or the selected distributed technology.

Smart Contracts Development Service - Infinite X

EOSIO, Ethereum, Hyperledger (IBM Blockchain)
Business Workshops

Through blockchain consulting our goal is to help clients to understand and utilize decentralized technologies in ways that really matter for their bottom line. We make business workshops that are custom designed for each client's needs and their level of technical expertise.

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Our team specializes in different segments of the blockchain industry and their influence on different aspects of your business including design, business processes, and community management. Combining this expertise we can provide you with a complete plan on how beneficial this technology can be for your company.

Blockchain UI & UX Design Service - Infinite X

Unlike traditional applications, decentralized ones introduce brand new concepts such as tokens & wallets that are likely unknown to most users. That being said, traditional principles for building the UX flow and UI have to be rethought. We provide something better.

Our deep experience with the technology and the industry helped us to introduce a new approach to the dApps' UI & UX making designs that stand out and shine compared to their competitors.

With the evolution of the dApps and their requirements, the need for better-developed blockchain networks was born. As the industry matures, there are many cases where dApp developers want to progress faster than their current protocol allows. Some Ethereum projects have started migrating to EOS to benefit from the protocol improvements and reach their full potential.

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Our team is a leader in both Ethereum & EOS development and we can help in migrating your project from one network to another while further optimizing it.

Our Process

We value transparency and we want our clients to know what they’re receiving. Our journey begins with our attitude towards the client’s ideas and one thing in mind - to provide results of the highest quality.

Phase One - Discovery and Design - Infinite X Process - Abstract Pattern
Phase One
Discovery & Design

We start with establishing proof of value (POV) and project scoping by performing an in-depth analysis of your requirements, business model, and technological obstacles of the desired final solution.

Phase Two - Prototyping - Infinite X Process - Abstract Pattern
Phase Two

Once we have a clear scope we assemble a team based on the project’s requirements working in two-week development sprints. We kick-off the initial development (PoC, MVP, or Prototype) with a strong focus on the short term milestones while ensuring a solid ground for future product development.

Phase Three - Product Development - Infinite X Process - Abstract Pattern
Phase Three
Product Development

As product development needs progress, we grow the dedicated team as well. Our team is taking care of each of the product specs from the technical architecture to the tiniest details in UI & UX. We continue to stay in regular communication with the project founders and the project owners.

Phase Four - Maintenance and Support - Infinite X Process - Abstract Pattern
Phase Four
Maintenance & Support

Following the product launch, we select a post-release support model for maintenance and further improvements all based on fitting your project needs.





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