Decentralized Application Development

EOSIO (EOS), Ethereum, Hyperledger (IBM Blockchain)

We build tailored-made decentralized applications that evolve your business making it more efficient, profitable, and secure. We specialize in public blockchains like EOS, Ethereum as well as enterprise blockchain technologies like EOSIO, Hyperledger, and others.

What are decentralized applications?

Decentralized applications (or dApps) are these types of apps that are running on the blockchain. They use smart contracts as building blocks. Through them, they can use the full advantage of blockchain technology.

Decentralized applications, like the technology they use, can be public, private, or hybrid. For instance, a blockchain solution built for a car manufacturing factory will be most likely use an enterprise (private/access-restricted blockchain), and the decentralized application running on top that network will be also access-restricted to authorized members in the factory.

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Unlike centralized systems which are currently the most widespread model for building software applications, their decentralized alternatives don't run on central servers. They're resistant to censorship and they don't need downtime. These characteristics make them even more secure and also cost-effective due to the lack of maintenance expenses.

Our team is skilled in building custom high-quality blockchain solutions. If you're looking to find how blockchain can evolve your business or simply looking for a professional and experienced partner to develop a product reach out to us here.

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