Public Blockchain Development

EOSIO (EOS), Ethereum

Public blockchain development is something our team specializes in. Based on your business specifications we can advise you and select the most suitable network for you. We develop solutions on the two most established and commonly used public blockchain networks - EOS and Ethereum.

Advantages of public blockchains

Public blockchains are blockchains that can be accessed by anyone. They are open to the public and they take full advantage of their transparency. Unlike private blockchains that are access-restricted and the data is visible only to authorized members, in public blockchain networks everyone can read or write data.

While this might seems like a negative it is one of the biggest advantages of the public blockchains and represents the true power of decentralization.

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Blockchain Services Details - Infinite X

Making the data transparent, and immutable due to the technical nature of the blockchain means that there can be only one single truth. Even if the recorded data is incorrect it can be tracked back and find who’s responsible for it.

For example, counterfeit goods represent a huge problem in the fashion industry and costing it over £5 billion in revenue over the last 20 years. A fashion brand can use a public blockchain to track product materials and manufacturing processes. Because the technology provides transparency the brand can easily prove the authenticity of its products to the end customer.

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