The Rise of the EOSIO Developers

The most powerful tool of every technology is the community of developers behind it. They are the driving force for innovation and the growth of an ecosystem even further. EOSIO and the EOSIO developers are not an exception.

It's time to rise

EOSIO is already one of the most powerful blockchain software protocols. By providing software functionalities out of the box for developers to use, it makes decentralized application development faster and easier like never before. And the updates of the protocol introducing new functionalities never stop - is regularly adding value.

Despite the great advancement of EOSIO, the developer community hasn't been that active. In fact, it doesn't seem new blood is coming or coming faster enough. And this can be frustrating.

We deeply care for this community and that's why we're starting a number of new initiatives to bring new blood and grow the EOSIO Developer community further. It's time for growth!


One of the first initiatives, that we're going to share today, was to have an active curated place for all EOSIO developers. A place where they can discuss, ask questions, share experience, and help other EOSIO developers, especially the ones that are just starting.

This is how EOSIO Dev subreddit came to be. A moderated, always up-to-date subreddit. Focusing not only on EOS development but on the whole EOSIO development ecosystem.

A wave of new EOSIO developers is coming and we need to be prepared!

What's next?

We are working hard on numerous new initiatives to bring new blood and grow the EOSIO Developer community. In the upcoming days and weeks, we'll share more details on what to expect from us! In the meantime stay tuned for updates from us Twitter.

Milena Stoyanova
Community Manager




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