Infinite X Labs becomes Infinite X - Where blockchain meets human

SOFIA, Bulgaria, May 26, 2020 – Today, a leading development provider of decentralized solutions for businesses, Infinite X Labs Ltd, announced a rebrand to its name and visual identity.

The company’s corporate name becomes Infinite X. The comprehensive rebrand elevates the focus on the connection between blockchain and human, and the benefits of decentralized solutions for businesses. It includes a new logo, positioning, and website. “From the beginning, our goal was to take a new approach, compared to everyone in the industry, and focus on the human side of the technology first”, says Nikola Uzunov - Founder & Lead Designer,

Infinite X stands out of its league by establishing this new method and showcasing the real value of decentralized technologies, which once implemented properly can significantly improve business processes performance and/or reduce operational costs. The current economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic makes such kind of human-oriented solutions even more necessary than before.

As a result, the team has focused on helping companies understand and utilize the decentralized technologies in a way that really benefits them and have high ROI. Infinite X’s unique blend of an extensive blockchain technical expertise and business knowledge combined with its end-to-end custom-made decentralized solutions can meet the needs of enterprise customers and provide them the competitive advantage their business needs for the next era of digital transformation.

As a trusted blockchain partner, the company has built blockchain products and optimized processes for more than 10+ startups and enterprises across a variety of industries including FinTech and Sustainable Energy. Some of the services they offer include blockchain consulting, a new approach to the decentralized applications' UI & UX designs, enterprise blockchain development, etc.

We were excited to work on this project with Infinite X. We aimed not only achieving the premium experience their customers deserve but going even further and implementing top industry standards that resulted in amazing results”, says Joro Yordanov - Partner & Design Director, Oblik Studio

The company is already working on numerous new initiatives and projects with its strategic partners.

The potential of decentralized technologies for businesses is enormous and industries are moving towards it. It's inevitable. I’m excited about what’s coming in the weeks and months ahead for Infinite X

- says Dimo Dzhurenov - Chief Executive Officer, Infinite X

About Infinite X

Infinite X is a privately owned company specializing in custom-made decentralized solutions for businesses. By making their solutions, products, and processes more secure, cost-efficient, and performance-oriented, Infinite X aims to give its customers the competitive advantage their business needs for the next era of digital transformation.


Milena Stoyanova
Community Manager




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